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A warm 'All Natural Health' welcome to Marge Clark...

We're so happy to have Marge Clark of Nature's Gift join our group of wise women! Visit our Reading Room to see Marge's articles as well as those of our other wonderful authors. And make sure to visit Marge's website at http://www.NaturesGift.com/anb.htm


Nature's Gift - We've been providing the finest essential oils, absolutes, hydrosols and nurturing carrier oils since 1995. Whether it's already-made products, or MIY ingredients, we have what you need.

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Happy Healthy Paws!

Happy Healthy Paws - Looking for an all-natural way to keep your pet clean and fresh? We highly recommend the Happy Healthy Paws line of pet grooming products. These amazing products come from our friends at Shear Miracles. This is the same company that offers wonderful all-natural and organic beauty care products. You'll love EVERYTHING they offer!

Let them know you found them on the 'All Natural Health' site!

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How the Food Industry is Deceiving You

Very eye-opening You Tube videos from Mercola.com



Article from Marge Clark (Nature's Gift):

Aromatherapy for Natural Headache Relief


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Article from Marge Clark (Nature's Gift):

Supportive Blends for Those with Cancer


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Article from Marge Clark (Nature's Gift):

Head Lice - An Essential Solution?


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Wonderful e-book set about curing cancer in an 'all-natural' way by Karon Beattie:

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Study Herbal Medicine with Gail Faith Edwards - Click here




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