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Nature's Infusions' [ West Indian Spice Potpourri]

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Product review by Sharon @ all natural health-


    "Mmmmmm, your house always smells so good."  Isn't that what we wish all guests said, once they entered our home?  This months Spotlight is on an all-natural product  that will keep your home environment smelling fresh and clean, with a hint of an exotic touch.

     Potpourri is something that has been used to freshen up homes for centuries.  The mixtures of herbs and spices, mixed with the right essential oils have limitless possibilities.  In fact, once you understand the basics of which ingredients work as fixatives and which are used for scent, and how to use essential oils, you can come up with your own mixtures!

     For today though, we bring you an amazing blend, made by our friends at Nature's Infusions.  Their wonderful all-natural soaps were in our Product Spotlight on our "all natural beauty" web site last month ( See their Spotlight here).  They have a real 'sense of scent' when it comes to making their products.  In fact, every product that I've tried of theirs smells fantastic beyond belief!

     When I first received this potpourri, I first noticed how beautifully it was presented.  It arrived in an elegant cloth bag with a beautiful ribbon.   I left it on the counter with the bag unopened until I could get a chance to open it.  Soon, I realized that I was getting subtle wafts of it every time I got close.  It beckoned me to open it with its provocative scent.  Eventually I succumbed , and released it from it's packaging.  And boy am I glad that I did.  I poured it into a pretty wooden bowl, and have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since.  It not only smells good, it looks great too!  The beautifully dried fruit slices, nuts, leaves and berries all add to the natural beauty of the product.  The scent is subtle, clean and alluring.  I know that you're going to love this beautiful, all-natural way to keep your living space smelling great.





   Here's what Nature's Infusions has to say ~  


    Our potpourri is sold in an 8 ounce bag enveloped in organza and ribbon suitable for gift giving. It measures 5 cups BEFORE we add in cones, pods, and the other large decorative items. It also comes with a vial of refresher oil.

Price: $10.00

West Indian Spice Potpourri:

Our potpourris contain only herbs, spices, resins, botanicals, and essential oils. There are no "filler" items and we do not use synthetic fragrance oils. There are a few (and very few) items that are dyed for visual impact.

        While we carry quite a few varieties of potpourri, they all begin with one of 5 base scents: Spice, Resin, Floral, Woodland, and Herbal. The base materials are blended together with essential oils and allowed to "marry".

        This process gives the potpourri a rich scent with wonderful staying power. Once the bases are ready, additional materials and essential oils are blended together to give each variety it's own unique essence.



Make sure to visit Nature's Infusions at http:/NaturesInfusions.com




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