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Michelle Schoffro-Cook [ Healing Injuries the Natural Way]

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    We've all suffered physical injuries at some point in our lives.  I believe that the best therapy can be found by utilizing natural means of healing.  I was so delighted to find a book that shared my belief.  Michelle Schoffro-Cook has written Healing Injuries the Natural Way, a book that is packed with valuable information on this subject.  The subject of this book, injuries, is something that Michelle learned about first hand after experiencing an auto accident which left her with physical injuries and constant pain.  Just as necessity is the mother of invention, Michelle felt a need to write this book after not being able to find this kind of information in one place when she was looking for it.

     She began her course of treatment like most of us are taught to... the un-natural way. This seemed to leave Michelle worse than better, without lessoning her pain.  Finally, by using the help of a chiropractor, and at-home exercises, her pain started to lessen, and she began to "feel human" again.  She began learning about herbs, foods, juices, vitamins and minerals, along with helpful therapies.  Eventually she went back to school to get her doctorate in Acupuncture, and later a Doctor of Natural Medicine designation.  She also studied various types of energy medicine around the world.

      "Along the way, I learned about the body's incredible innate wisdom in healing injuries.  I also learned that many of the foods we eat, postures we hold, and approaches to life inhibit healing" says Michelle.  Healing Injuries the Natural Way combines her personal experience and experimentation, research, and work with clients to offer you an approach to healing that lessens your pain, reduces inflammation, accelerates healing, and improves the quality of your life.

    Michelle explains the three basic areas that get injured, bones, soft tissue and joints.  This gives the reader an understanding of what's wrong.  And then she begins various courses of treatment through the use of foods as medicine, nutritional supplements and natural remedies, and various means of healing that you can do in the privacy of your own home, such as strengthening, stretching, breathing and other natural methods of healing.  You'll find exercises that are clearly demonstrated with photos.  And there are even complete directions to give yourself your own acupressure therapy.

     She's taken the time to explain about the healing modalities that most of us have heard about, but have always wanted to know more about.  She explains Acupuncture to Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Far-Infrared Sauna Therapy to Thai Massage, and everything in between, in a simple, yet comprehensive way.  You'll learn about therapies in a factual, interesting way that will give you great insight, empowering you to decide which course of action is best for you, or for a loved one. 

     Once you are armed with the facts about using food as medicine, she offers you recipes that are easy to prepare.  These are another way of healing your injury, and regaining your good health, while doing something that you do every day anyway... eat!  The book ends with an eight-week injury-healing program that you can follow to maximize all that you've learned.

      For those of us that have ever had an injury, and wanted to treat it naturally, this book is a must-have.  If you compare the cost of this book to your standard medical office treatment, it's the deal of a lifetime.  Ms. Schoffro-Cook has left no stone unturned with this marvelous book.   I feel that anyone that owns a body should have a copy on the shelf.  And if you know anyone that has been injured, buy a copy for them.  It's the nicest gift that you could possibly give.




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"Healing Injuries the Natural Way" Web Site, where you'll find excerpts and resources:





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