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Annie's Homegrown [ Noodles & Sauces ]

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Product review by Sharon @ all natural health-


     Healthy Noodle Basics... is what I would call this line of noodles with sauces made by Annie's Homegrown.

      I don't think that I'm unique when I say that don't always want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing a meal.  But I always enjoy eating and serving a meal that tastes homemade.  By pulling out a box of Annie's Penne Pasta with Alfredo Sauce or perhaps their Shells & Cheddar, I can prepare a tasty side dish or entire meal quickly and easily.  The best part is that I know it is all-natural!  Unlike the other well-known brands of packaged noodles and sauces, Annie's Homegrown has taken the time and care to give me what I really want... food without harmful chemical preservatives and colorings.

     My favorite (lazy person's) way to make my Annie's pasta is to throw a half of a chopped sweet onion and some chopped red pepper in with the noodles while they're cooking.  But you could throw in whatever you have on hand.  If you want more of an Italian flavor, put the butter in the pan as the noodles are straining and sizzle up some chopped garlic and some onions for about a minute or two (careful not to let the garlic brown) and then add the milk, powdered cheese and the strained noodles.  When everything is mixed, toss with a few chopped up Basil leaves and some diced tomatoes.  Mmmmm!  You could even make an entire meal around the noodles by adding sautéed vegetables or meat.  So you see, you can go to any extreme you want.  Just make sure to begin with their boxed meal, and go from there.

     Whether you add lots of ingredients, or you add nothing, these meals in a box are ready to delight you and your family with their simplicity, taste and best of all... healthfulness.  Bon appetite!


   Here's what Annie's has to say ~  


About Annie's Homegrown

This is the easy part: Annie's Homegrown is a good company with good people that makes good food and does good stuff.

From the beginning, Annie impressed upon us the necessity of operating responsibly by giving back to the community. Because if you don't take care of the folks who are taking care of you, everything gets ugly. And anyone who thinks an ugly planet is a healthy planet is a wackadoo.

Our motto here: Eat Responsibly. Act Responsibly.

Annie's Homegrown has stayed committed to its goals even as the company has expanded (how many corporations can REALLY say that while looking you in the eye?). With distribution in all 50 states and a product line that has grown to include 13 different varieties of totally natural macaroni and cheese. We've become the 2nd largest brand of macaroni and cheese in the U.S. We know we're the 1st most delicious.

Our Commitment

At Annie's we know we have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen. Using strict guidelines for our ingredients and our packaging enables us to treat our Earth with respect. We also like to treat all the earth's inhabitants with respect too, so we're devoted to several programs that give back to our communities and help those who are working toward building a better world with us.


This is a sampling of what can be found at the Annie's Homegrown Web Site:

Mac & Cheese  |  Organic Mac & Cheese



Visit :


Visit Annie's Homegrown Web Site: www.Annies.com



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