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The Baker's [ Forest Berry Muesli ]

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Product review by Sharon @ all natural health-


    I'm sorry, but the word 'Muesli' doesn't really jump out to me as a very yummy name for a type of cereal.  In fact it sounds like something that parents would have a hard time selling their kids on.  But this cereal is one that I've found to be quite yummy, and an excellent source of whole grains for a healthy diet!

     This Spotlight is on The Baker's 'Forest Berry' muesli, a delightful mix of oats, wheat flakes, sultans, hazelnuts, and freeze-dried berries.  It's tasty in its own right, but another way that I enjoy it is mixed with The Baker's Pecan Granola Cereal.  In fact, this is how I initially tried it on the advice of my hubby.  When eaten this way, it's a sweeter treat, and just as healthy.   You may even want to try making it as an oatmeal for a nice warm winter breakfast.   Whichever way you eat this,  you will be doing your body a big favor.  And if you give this to your kids, you may not want to tell them what it's called, just tell them that it's a yummy treat!

     I've always found the The Baker's products at my local health food store.  Their products are always fresh, and all-natural.  I've just recently found their web site, where I was pleased to see that all of their ingredients are listed with pride.  They also have some tasty recipes available like Almond & Maple Sandwich, Mediterranean Pocket, and Cinnamon Raison French Toast, just to name a few.  I haven't even mentioned their selection of all-natural breads yet!  Please visit The Baker's web site for recipe ideas, great breads and cereals, and their on-line store.  You'll be so glad that you did!




   Here's what The Baker has to say ~  

Muesli -

     The Baker now imports a line of Muesli cereal that starts with rolled oats and is then combined with either honey or nuts, forest berries, or grapenuts to bring you three more delicious cereals to choose from.

Forest Berry Muesli Ingredients - organic oat flakes, organic wheat flakes, organic sultans, organic apple pieces, organic ground hazelnuts, organic freeze dried strawberries, organic freeze dried blueberries, freeze dried raspberries, and freeze dried red currants.


Make sure to visit The Baker at http://The-Baker.com




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