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Natural Salt Lamps' [ Natural Salt Lamps]

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    We've all heard about the positive effects of sun light.  But there are other forms of light that can be beneficial.  We've found a type of light that can emit positive vibes.  Okay, well maybe that's not the official term, but that's what they are!  If you've ever been outdoors after a rain storm and felt a wonderful sense of being, or stood by a waterfall and felt a strong sense of joy, you've experienced what are known as 'negative ions'.  They should be called 'positive' ions, if you ask me.

     Natural Salt Lamps are actually made of 100% salt, which has been excavated from deep in the ancient salt mines of the Himalayas (in a responsible way).  They are transformed into hollowed-out balls in which a small light bulb is placed.  The heat from the bulb radiates into the salt, and sends the ions into the room, where you enjoy the sense of peace and calm that they offer.

     I've been enjoying my salt lamp for awhile now.  I keep it next to me in my office.  Not only do I feel great, I really enjoy the warm glow that it adds to the room, especially at night.  It's another way to bring nature right into your room with you.  You can't have too many of these beautiful lamps.  I would recommend them for every room in your house.  Natural Salt Lamps offers them in a variety of sizes, as well as lamps that hold tea light candles.  Fill up your room with these during your next party, and watch your guests feel great.  Buy your own positive vibes... Natural Salt Lamps!




Crystal Salt Tea light Candle Holder

   Here's what Natural Salt Lamps' has to say ~  

Natural Salt Lamps

Natural Salt Lamps give you so much! Pamper yourself and your home with:

  • a warm and radiantly beautiful glow -- easy to add to any room
  • healthy ions that gently purify and energize the air you breathe
  • a valuable addition to natural healing therapies
  • bioenergetic nutritional salt for life-giving diets
  • environmentally friendly gifts -- each one unique
  • a healthy source of natural and peaceful light, for home and office
  • rejuvenate yourself with luxurious home spa products
  • feel and experience this ancient source of pure energy

Natural Salt Lamps is your best source:

  • responsibly mined by hand from the world's purest natural salt regions
  • lovingly cut and polished by master craftsmen with decades of experience
  • premium quality that we take pride in
  • all natural, cruelty free, and ecologically responsible
  • satisfaction 100% guaranteed
  • all this at a great price!

     We offer rare, beautiful, and natural salt crystal lamps from the Himalayas, Poland, and Iran, as well as candle holders.

Prices vary depending on the size and type of lamp

(visit web site for more details)


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