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Tasty Bites [ Indian Entrees]

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Product review by Sharon @ all natural health-


     I hope that you enjoy "spicy and hot", because that's what this Spotlight is all about.

     I've been enjoying Tasty Bite's packaged Indian food ever since I found them at Trader Joes several years ago.  Now, I'm seeing them in more places all the time.  They offer a variety of authentically Indian choices.  Each one is wrapped in it's own sealed pack.  My favorites are the Bombay Potatoes (pictured above), Jaipur Vegetables, and Simla Potatoes.  Every one that I've tried has been very tasty and satisfying, and I'm looking forward to trying them all eventually.  The best part is that every meal is completely "all-natural".  And it tastes that way... healthy and delicious!

     My favorite way to eat these enjoyable entrees is with basmati rice.  The rice really mellows out the heat, and it makes for a healthy combination.  It's also a very easy and fast meal any time of day.  You can boil the entree bag in a pan of water for a few minutes, remove, and pour over the rice. 

     You'll also enjoy the Tasty Bite Web Site, where you'll find all of their delicious products including their line of Thai cuisine.  They have all of their ingredients listed, and have many interested facts for you to look through.  Make sure to try Tasty Bite Indian Food.  If you like robust, full-flavored food, that is convenient and healthy... you'll love these Tasty Bite entrees!



   Here's what Tasty Bite has to say ~  


About Tasty Bite™

     Tasty Bite brings you a variety of natural, ready-to-eat Indian and Thai food. Our focus is on fresh ingredients, exquisite recipes, and a dedication towards quality. Tasty Bite is perfect for lunch, dinner, camping and more. Just heat and eat!

About Bombay Potatoes (also known as Alu Chole)

     This is a hot favorite across all age groups.  It's a Sunday brunch special in many homes and also a "must-have" item on Indian restaurant menus.


 Ingredients for Alu Chole: Potatoes, Chickpeas, Onions, Tomatoes, Ginger, Garlic, Cumin,Coriander powder, Red Chili Powder, Herbs and Spices, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Water, Corn Starch




Visit The Tasty Bite Web Site: www.TastyBite.com



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