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alternative medicine is a healthy alternative We have done our best to provide you with the best products and services that we could find.  If you ever find that any of the sites that we offer are objectionable or deceptive in any way, we want to know about it.  You are our best source of information when it comes to customer satisfaction.  We always welcome your comments, good or bad.

We also want you to know that your personal information will always be kept private.  Any information that you share with us (except comments for our "What You're Saying" page) will be kept confidential, unless we are authorized by law to divulge such information.

D i s c l a i m e r

SharAmbrosia reserves the right to refuse anyone from being listed on our "all natural health" web site (mentioned further as our web site).  We are not responsible for anything that is being sold, said, or shown on any site that is listed on our web site, or linked to from our advertisers' web sites.  Our web site is free to our visitors.  Some of our advertisers pay a fee up front for being listed on our web site.  We may change our policies or prices at any time.  We are not responsible for the harm of anyone in any way from any information on our site.  We are not responsible for any harm done to anyone by visiting any of our advertisers' web sites or linked to from our advertisers' web sites.  We are not responsible for any misrepresentations of any of our advertisers or visitors of our web site that visit our advertisers' web sites. We are not responsible for any mental, physical, or financial harm done to anyone who buys any products, or receives any services from any of the advertisers on our web site, or linked to from our advertisers' websites. The products listed and statements made on our web site have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The products listed and statements made on our web site  are not  meant to treat or cure any medical condition or disease and should not be considered a replacement for medical supervision or treatment..  If you need medical treatment or a diagnosis, please  seek medical attention from your doctor or healthcare practitioner.

Our site should not be thought of as a place to get a diagnosis or cure.  That is what trained healthcare professionals are for.  This site is an Internet portal to find all-natural health-related products, services and information.  Use the information on our site responsibly and at your own risk.

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