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It's so important to read between the lines when getting information about possibly biased medical studies and information.

With so much health information out there, we want to bring you what we feel is unique, interesting, and insightful.

We believe that there is another way to be healthy, the all-natural way.   Open your mind, and explore the possibilities.

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Our Own All Natural Info Articles:

"Healthy Feng Shui - A Little Yellow Goes A Long Way" - by Beverly Hlavka

Clearing the clutter and bringing positive energy into your life is good for your health.


"Unlocking the Mystery of Vanilla" - by Sharon Houghton

There's a reason why real Vanilla is more expensive than its artificial counterpart.


"Working the Soil and Shifting the Paradigm: Rethinking the Modern Home Garden" - by Kent Reed Swanson

Being a good steward of the land requires thought and effort.  The home gardener needs to realize that she is just a small part of the large picture.


"Fibromyalgia" - by Michele Romeo

Learn about the symptoms, the history and some natural methods of helping this devastating and debilitating illness.


"Long Live Popcorn!" - by Sharon Houghton

It's one America's original all-natural snack foods.  Let this article inspire you to eat more of it with some interesting facts and delicious recipes.


"The History and Health Benefits of Chocolate" - by Sharon Houghton

Everyone's talking about chocolate being healthy.  But is it really?


"Safe House Cleaning" - by Sharon Houghton

Cleaning your house? Just go to your pantry for your all-natural supplies.


"Do You Have Enough Negative Ions In Your Home and Business?" - by Isabella Samovsky

Negative ions are positively healthy.  Learn how to bring them inside your home.


"Giving a Massage From the Heart" - by Sharon Houghton

Anyone can give a good massage, if they really want to.  Learn how to... here.


"Shedding Some Light On... Light" - by Evan Johnson

Finally, some good news about being in the sun.  Light has many health benefits.


"Using Herbs on a Shoestring" - by Denise Dixon

Healing naturally doesn't need to be expensive.  This mother of 12 knows!


"Rose - Rosa rugosa" - by Gail Faith Edwards

Not only is the Rose one of the most beautiful flowers, it's healing as well.


"Vibrational Healing" - by Betsy Hess

Learn the basics about our modern forms of natural healing modalities.


New Articles!


"Aromatherapy for Natural Headache Relief" - by Marge Clark

Learn to use essential oils for the natural pain relief of headaches


"Supportive Blends for Those with Cancer" - by Marge Clark

Some aromatherapeautic blends to deliver strength to cancer patients and those that care for them


"Head Lice - An Essential Solution?" - by Marge Clark

An all-natural idea for handling those little pesky critters



June Russell:

Microwaves: Microwaving - Dangers To Your Food and You?



Gail Faith Edwards:

Herbs for the Relief of Chronic and Acute Pain

Herbs for Healthy Immunity


Sexuality and Herbal Aphrodisiacs


Jeanne Rose:

Lavender Production

Salts - Bath Salts



Evan Johnson:

Chemicals and Emotions

Sweet Smell of Death: The Truth about Mainstream Perfumes

Solutions For Age Spots or Liver Spots

Menopause: Myth vs. Fact



Marge Clark:

Aromatherapy for Natural Headache Relief

Supportive Blends for Those with Cancer

Head Lice - An Essential Solution


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