Supportive Blends for Those with Cancer

By Marge Clark    

     We've recently heard from several old friends and clients who are dealing with advanced cancer diagnoses among family or close friends, and
are looking for ways that they can provide support to their loved ones. When I answer the same basic question six times in two weeks, it's
time to put my thoughts together.

     First, although certain essential oils (among them Frankincense, a rare species of Cypress, certain varieties of Thyme and Sage, and
Lemongrass) have shown anti-tumor effects in a laboratory, to make any claims that ANY essential oil can provide a cure for cancer is at
the very least irresponsible and cruel.

     What the oils CAN do, however, is strengthen the spirit, and provide both emotional and spiritual support, both for the patient and for
family members and care-givers.

     I'm remembering the "hospice blend" that we recently put together and sent to a hospice in Montana, for their newly approved aromatherapy
program. Basically we used 10 drops each of our Somalian distilled Frankincense, and our Frankincense CO2 extracted, with just 5 drops of
Rose Otto 10% dilution. (This would be the equivalent of 40 drops of Frankincense to 1 drop of undiluted Rose Otto.) This may be either
diffused, or diluted WAY down (a 1% dilution, 6 drops of the blend to one fluid ounce of carrier oil or lotion) for hand or foot massages.

     The nurse aromatherapist who commissioned the blend recommended using it with a gentle hand or foot massage.

     Other thoughts, besides our Hospice blend, have been, of course, Frankincense by itself, Rose to support the spirit of any female patient.

    Atlas or Himalayan Cedarwood oils for spiritual strength.

     We have had reports of people using our Sacred synergy, designed to create a sacred space, as an anointing oil, to create a sacred space
within the body.

     I find Sandalwood oil, perhaps blended with either Cedarwood or Rose, emotionally supportive and comforting.

     All of the above are designed to provide comfort and support on an emotional and spiritual level.

     Blends of citrus oils or conifers, diffused in the room, or used as an airborne spray do a wonderful job of both lifting the spirits, and
removing "sickroom" odors. I've heard feedback from friends and professionals about the use of the essential oils to freshen the rooms of
sometimes very odourous patients.

     On a physical level, we have heard of wonderful results in dealing with post radiation pain and burning with a blend of Jojoba oil and Aloe
vera gel, with Helichrysum, Lavender, German Chamomile and Geranium oils added. (I would mix equal parts of the jojoba and aloe, blend
equal amounts of the four essential oils and add the synergy at a 2.5% dilution. 15 drops of the essential oil blend to one ounce of
blended jojoba and aloe gel.)Since the Aloe and the Jojoba will not blend, this will need to be shaken well before each use.

     These are some things that immediately come to mind that might be helpful and supportive.



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