Head Lice - An Essential Solution?

By Marge Clark    

     My instinctive thought when the words "head lice" come up are "yuck!" I suspect I'm not terminally unique in that. For reasons unknown I was lucky
enough, when my young'uns were growing up, to avoid them. But we get asked frequently if there is a natural solution. In the past I've read research
using some very irritating and sensitizing essential oils, that proved effective in killing lice; but I rather thought "the cure is worse than the disease" and hesitated to pass the information along.

     Came across some research done in Argentina that indicates that two different combinations of essential oils might prove effective.

     The first combination uses a blend of alcohol and water (one part ethanol, one part isopropyl alcohol, and two parts water) with a blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Lavender, diluted to 5% (no, they don't say which lavender or which eucalyptus was used, unfortunately. I would guess
Eucalyptus globulous and Lavender angustifolia.) Another combination, shown as effective as any commercial preparation that was tested, was equal parts
of Peppermint and Eucalyptus oil in a 10% dilution, dissolved in 192 proof ethanol.

     (Maybe they are just getting the wee beasties drunk?)

     At any rate, thought the above might be worth trying if your children brought home "unwanted visitors" from school or a friend's house.


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