Chemicals and Emotions:

By Evan Johnson


Are Your Cosmetics Getting You Down? 

     One comment that we frequently hear from people is how good they feel both physically and emotionally after using Evan's all-natural skincare and other products.

     Conversely, there's a lot of evidence now to support the devastating physical and emotional toll caused by chemical-laden, mainstream cosmetics.

     We ran across the quote below in recent research and wanted to share the info with you. It appeared in "Our Toxic Times", a newsletter of the Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN). CIIN is a non-profit support and advocacy organization run by the chemically injured for the benefit of the chemically injured. You may visit them at:


     One evening while taking a sauna, I had a life altering experience.   I noticed that I was feeling depressed and angry.... I was compiling a laundry list of all the people who injured me in my life.... As I was listening  to myself rage, I had the thought that `well, this always happens to me in the sauna.' This always happens to me in the sauna! I was shocked....  [T]his phenomenon happened time and time again. While taking a sauna, I would get angry, anxious, depressed or paranoid. The light bulb finally went on.   My moods were a reflection of the chemicals that were being released from my fatty tissue back into my blood stream. When I left the sauna, and my body cooled down, they stopped. The chemicals, like alcohol, altered my neurotransmitters thus creating an emotional state of anger and paranoia.

The next step in logical thinking was easy: If alcohol or other substances
can make me angry or weepy, if marijuana can make some people paranoid,
if LSD can make some users have psychotic experiences, why can't any common
chemical do the same thing to a person who is sensitive to the substance?... After all, psychotropic drugs alter them." (The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health acknowledges there are 30 chemicals in the workplace that can cause apathy, 26 that cause delirium, 40 depression, 58 excitability, 25 hallucinations, 39 irritability, 29 nervousness or tension, 31 restlessness, and 119 that can cause sleep disturbances.) -Robert Mayer, Ph.D, New York, 212-677-2922, in Our Toxic Times, February, 2002, P.O. Box 301, White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645, 406-547-2255.


     Way to go, Robert!  People need to know this information for many reasons.
First, they can eliminate toxic conventional products from their lifestyles
and probably experience real improvements not just physically but emotionally.  Second, by using safe natural products and eliminating the chemicals, they may also avoid being lured into taking dangerous, mind-altering drugs to "treat" mental phenomena that more likely are side-effects of toxic exposure.  Finally, people may live much longer, healthier and happier lives just by knowing this information.  Hats off to the scientists blowing the whistle on the chemical industry's excesses and misuses!

     We're doing research in this area all the time.  Email us if you have
questions or would like further info on solutions.


Kevin and Evan

Evan's Garden
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