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     Our pets provide us with a form of healing all its own, it's called unconditional love.  But it doesn't matter if we are talking about your beloved four-legged family member, or an animal in the wild... they are all our friends.

     We've gathered together some wonderful sites that are dedicated to keeping them safe and protected.  All-natural healthcare for animals is nothing new to them, it's their method of choice.  It's just another piece in the puzzle to help keep us safe and well, and minimize our toxin intake.

    We've also included charitable organizations that help our animal friends that have been neglected or abused, used for experimentation, or just abandoned.  These animals don't share our same verbal skills.  But they are fortunate to have special individuals that use theirs to help them in their plight.   To be truly strong, is to care for those that are weaker than ourselves.


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