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Healthy Feng Shui - A Little Yellow Goes a Long Way

by Beverly Hlavka        


     We are all trying to find ways to stay healthy the older we get.
 Aging baby boomers know that preventing disease is less expensive and painful than taking medications or worse.  Alternative medicine and holistic remedies are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to staying healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.  Feng Shui is the gentle Chinese art of placement and people are using it more in their lives to stay healthy as well.

     In Feng Shui, the things you own and where they are placed makes a big difference in the flow of energy in a space.  This flow of energy also makes a big difference in how you feel.  One of the most important principles of Feng Shui is the act of intention.  Energy follows what you focus on.  If you are constantly thinking about feeling sick and tired, the universe will give you more of feeling sick and tired.  The reverse is true as well.  Keep your thoughts on feeling healthy and strong and the universe will provide more of the same.  Know your intention and keep your thoughts focused on what you want, not what you do not want.  The energy of the universe will follow and support you, so be clear about having a healthy intention.

     As a Feng Shui practitioner, I “feel” spaces to determine if there are things to be done in a room, home or business to support better health of the people that occupy the space.  If the space feels sluggish or I get the feeling of exhaustion, the people that live in that energy feel that same thing everyday.  The feelings I get in a space tell me that the energy may be moving too slowly or quickly through the room or home.  I also listen to the words people speak in a consultation.  By listening to what people say to me, I can determine what needs to change.  If I hear phrases like “I am burned out” or “I feel drained” or “I am feeling stuck”, these are clues of where to begin in adjusting the energy flow of the space.  This also applies to employees that work in a business.  Listen to what your employees are saying and you may find that the energy off the office is less than supportive and counter-productive.

     There are many tools to adjust the flow of energy of a space.  If the occupants do not feel the greatest, I would visit the center or the “heart” of the space and see exactly what was happening. The color of the health area in Feng Shui is yellow and just a touch of yellow will perk up the space. An easy decorating idea is to paint the center room of the home yellow.  A yellow room is a vibrant, healthy cure for a sluggish health area. Even if the homeowners want the room in the center of the house to be green, just a drop of yellow paint mixed in with the green can boost the energy of the room. Place the drop of yellow paint into the green with intention and that is all you have to do.

     As you can see, Feng Shui tools do not have to be visible to work.  Before the walls are painted, I will tell the homeowners to write or paint positive affirmations about health and wellbeing onto the walls.  The words are hidden behind the paint, but the energy of the intention is still present.  A yellow candle placed in the center and lit with a healthy affirmation may also increase the chi and lift the energy of the space.  I tell people to place something special in the exact center of the space to honor the heart of the home, as we would want to honor the heart of your physical body.  A yellow faceted crystal, hung in the center, is ideal for lifting energy. This simple practice goes a long way to staying healthy.

     Be clear on your intention when placing items in a room.  If a treadmill is in the center of the home with the intention of using it everyday to stay fit that’s great.  However, if it sits and collects dust, what message are you sending the universe?  Every time you look at the unused treadmill, you feel guilty and negative.  This carries through the whole day and before you know it, you are depressed.  It would be better to remove the treadmill than have it unused in the health area.  Keep litter boxes out of the center of a home and remove trash frequently.  Don’t let the center room become a catch-all space.  The heart of the home should be a place clear of clutter where the energy can move freely.

     If I see drains, stairs or toilets in the center, this is another indication of why people do not feel the best.  In Feng Shui, metaphors are used to adjust energy.  Toilets and bathrooms are associated with everything drains, waste and toxicity.  They are not the best example of health so this is reflected back to the occupants.  Stairs indicate a constant up and down flow of energy and this is reflected back to the health of the homeowner. Drains in general allow the energy to “go down the drain”. It is important to keep the energy up in the center of the space so it can be as supportive as possible to the homeowner’s health.  General Feng Shui tips in these circumstances would be to keep bathroom doors closed, keep toilet seats down, and make sure the plumbing works perfectly.  Place a crystal at the top of the stairs to keep the energy “up” instead of a constant up and down.

     You might be surprised, but cars are also personal spaces and can influence how you feel. Commuters spend far too much time in a car so it is no wonder they can greatly influence how you feel.  If your car is barely running, in poor repair or running on fumes, pay attention to how you treat it.  These things are a reflection of you and our belief systems so treat your things with respect and keep them running well and functioning properly.  Look around your complete environment and see what jumps out at you as needing repair, attention, cleaning, moving, etc.  Look at your spaces with Feng Shui eyes and see if a few adjustments boost your energy to a new level.

     The state of health does not only mean physical health, but mental, emotional and spiritual health as well.  If you are feeling scattered, or out of control, go to the center of the home.  This has a grounding affect to get you back to center on an inner level as well as physically being in the center of your space.  When you align yourself with the center of the space, this will affect all other aspects of your life.  Having a calm center means having a calm life.

     Achieve quiet time through meditation or a sitting in a garden as well. Take time to care for yourself and family.  Bring more nature into your home and allow the principles of Feng Shui to meet you where you are in this journey of life and lovingly support you along the way.




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Beverly Hlavka is a certified Feng Shui consultant, Aromatherapist and freelance writer.  She provides Feng Shui decorating ideas and tips to enhance every area of your life.



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