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What does "organic" mean?

     Effective October 21, 2002, new U.S. organic standards have been instituted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). For the consumer, the goal of the National Organic Standards is to make organic labeling consistent, clarify different categories of organic foods, and provide assurance of product integrity. The standards are expected to expand the marketing of organic products and support the credibility of U.S. organic agriculture.
     After Oct. 21, 2002, only products with at least 70% organic ingredients will be able to make

Rodale Institute - We work with people worldwide to achieve a regenerative food system that renews environmental and human health. Our motto: "Healthy Soil=Healthy Food=Healthy People"
Organic Consumers Association - Campaigning for Food  Safety, Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade  &
Mothers For Natural Law - All your questions about genetically engineered food will be answered here.

 "organic" claims and boast the new USDA Organic seal. The categories created by the USDA distinguish between the percentage of organic ingredients in food products in the following manner:
100% Organic: all content is certified organic
Organic: at least 95% of content by weight, excluding water and salt, is organic
Made with Organic: at least 70% of content is organic the main product panel may display the phrase, "Made with Organic" followed by up to three specific ingredients
Products containing less than 70% organic content: may identify current content only on the product's ingredient list.

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Organic Trade Association - A membership-based business association whose mission is to encourage global sustainability through promoting and protecting the growth of diverse organic trade.
The Raw Gourmet - This site is here to share information about Raw Food preparation and a Living Foods lifestyle.
Pesticide Action Network - PANNA (Pesticide Action Network North America) works to replace pesticide use with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives.
TravelOrganic - Taking a trip?  Find all of the organic businesses that are located in your destination city  at this informative web site.
Vegetarian USA - This site will tell you where all of the vegetarian stops are located in the city of your travel destination.
Raw Food Life - You'll find lots of very good information and resources for eating a raw food diet at this web site.
Living and Raw Foods - The largest community on the Internet dedicated to educating the world about the power of eating living and raw foods.
Demeter - This is a list of Demeter Certified growers, traders and processors nationwide.

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