All-Natural House Products & Info All-Natural Household Products
The Real Milk Paint Co. - Manufacturer of all-natural milk paint.  Environmentally safe and toxin-free paint for your house and household painting needs.

Furnature - Make your home a safe haven with furniture and bedding made as pure as possible, without chemicals, dyes, polymers, or toxins.

Aerias - This site discusses the various allergens and toxins that are found in homes and promotes better health through testing for these indoor pollutants.
All Organic Links - This is a site that is a gateway to many different web sites, each one having some or all organic products and services.

Nature's Infusions

Organic Essentials - We offer organic cotton and personal care products made with certified organically grown cotton.
Nature's Infusions - We are a small company dedicated to creating luxurious, all natural herbal/botanical based products for the face, body and home.


Solay Wellness Natural-Salt-Lamps - Healthy and beautiful Salt Lamps not only create an especially radiant light but also have a very positive and profound effect on our personal wellness.

The Healthy House Institute - A site filled with great information to help you achieve a healthy indoor environment.  You'll find products for your home as well as helpful links.

Feng Shui Products and Decorating Tips

Feng Shui Products Decorating Tips - This website features Feng Shui products, decorating ideas and tips to enhance every area of your life.
Green People - This directory lists eco-friendly house products and much more.

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Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

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