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Blessed Maine Herbs

Blessed Maine Herbs - Offers medicinal herb products of impeccable quality made with MOFGA/USDA certified organic herbs and flowers.  Also, herbal medicine education programs, apprenticeships and herbal correspondence course. 
Garden Medicinals & Culinaries - Select seeds and plants of medicinal herbs, and ethnic and heirloom vegetables and flowers.  Web site has informative herb reference library.
Herb.Org - The herb growing and marketing network.  Anything you'll ever want to know about herbs is found on this site!
The Aromatic Plant Project - Educating and encouraging the growing and distillation of true essential oil plants in the U. S. for the production of hydrosols and essential oils.

Aromatic Plant Project

United Plant Savers - Protecting native medicinal plants of the U.S. and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant and renewable supply of medicinal plants for future generations.
Robin Rose Bennett - Wise Woman Healing Ways is the home site of this very talented herbalist and writer. Learn about herbs and their medicinal uses.

Herbal Beauty Tea

Herbal Beauty Tea - We offer two distinctive herbal tea blends "Dreamland" and "Sunny Day" for your drinking and bathing pleasure.
Willow Pond Herbs - We are a family-owned herb farm in Fairfield, Pennsylvania, growing and sell hundreds of varieties of certified organic herbs, perennial plants and gifts.
Avena Institute (Rockport, MA)- We offer programs that promote complementary health approaches emphasizing medicinal herbs, organic and biodynamic gardening, and a deeper understanding of the natural world.
Classic Soap Shoppe - We have organic and wildcrafted teas that are healthy and delicious.  Organic coffee coming soon!  Also, check out our handmade soaps and bath products.
Lavender Farm - Part of Eatwell Farm, a small family farm in the southern Sacramento valley in northern California, we offer honey, bunches, sachets, eye pillows and more.

Lavender Farm

Herb Research Foundation - The foremost source of accurate, science-based information on the health benefits and safety of herbs-and expertise in sustainable botanical resource development.
Cedar Knoll Farm Greenhouse - Chemical free commercial growing of medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, heirloom tomatoes, and peppers using only organic methods of growing.
Herbs, Etc., Inc. - Features a line of Professional Strength Alcohol Singles and Formulas, Professional Strength Alcohol-Free Liquid Herbal Extracts and Fast-Acting Liquid Herbal Extract Softgels.

Althaea officinalis Root

Steven Foster Group, Inc. - One of the most respected names in herbal medicine, this is the home of Elixir Farm, which specializes in medicinal and aromatic plants.
Nature's Herbal - Available photos of herbs as well as all-natural bug repellent and many articles.
Kalyx - One-stop-shopping for bulk herbs, including many organic varieties.   You'll also find organic food, supplements, and much more.
Alternative Nature Online Herbal - A very thorough site containing lots of articles and information about herbs and alternative medicine as well as photos of herbs for commercial use.
Rosemary Gladstar (Sage Mountain) - This site has information about apprenticeships, programs & books. Also articles, tips, recipes and much more. Chives
Northeast Herbal Association - An exciting organization dedicated to merging the ancient traditions of Herbalism with the needs and developments of the modern day Herbalist.
Herb Pharm - A company that grows and manufacturers many herbs and herbal products for your good health.  In business since 1979.
Affinity Herbs - Using the highest quality Demeter certified Biodynamic© herbs and Biodynamic© grape alcohol, these herbal extracts are made by hand using tried and true methods.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c


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