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Avant-Gardening - Giannangelo Farms Southwest presents this organic gardening site full of tips  and resources to help you garden organically.
Westbridge Organic Products  - Westbridge is dedicated to cultivating environmental awareness through safe agriculture, home and garden products and technologies for gardeners large and small.
Planet Natural - Organic gardening supplies, composters & composting equipment, grow lights & hydroponic systems, organic fertilizers, beneficial insects - ladybugs, praying mantis - heirloom garden seeds, healthy household products, and more.
The Bug Lady - Our philosophy is based on Nature’s ability to regulate insect populations.  Essentially, good bugs eating bad bugs.
Keystone Gardens (Wayne,PA) - Friendly gardening store along with landscaping services featuring "Organic Compost Tea" available fresh every Friday.

Organic gardening - for a healthy future

Organic Gardening - This Rodale site has lots of advice, articles and products to create a first rate organic garden.
Basics of Organic Fertilizers - A great no-nonsense site that tells you all you need to know about organic gardening.  Good for beginners and pros alike.
Organic Herb Gardening - An informational site where you can learn to grow your own herbs at home, organically.  We provide links to other informational sites and herbal products.

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