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     Our company, SharAmbrosia, was formed by an aesthetician that decided to make a difference.  Sharon Houghton was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  As a child of the sixties, she grew up in turbulent times when the Vietnam war was on the nightly news, and protesting was the norm.  On the positive side, this helped Sharon to question the status quo, and seek the truth.

     Having a mother that was a registered nurse brought the current healthcare system right into her home.  She learned a lot about medicine and the body through her mother.  But she always sensed that there was a better way to administer healthcare , a more natural way.

     Healthcare, it seemed, was governed by doctors rather than the individuals themselves.  Medicines were completely synthetic representations of actual herbs.  And shots seemed like a completely barbaric form of torture.  Sharon knew that there was a better way to be healthy, but it wasn't until later in her life, that she really realized, she was right.

     After reading and learning about herbs, taking anatomy in college, being around many natural healers through her occupation, as well as giving many healing treatments herself, Sharon decided that natural healthcare was not just a fantasy.  It was a better, healthier way to live... a natural health lifestyle.

     Synthetic chemicals are having far reaching negative effects on the population as a whole.  We believe that by limiting them as much as possible (unfortunately, we are past the point of avoiding them completely) we can  lead healthier, more productive lives. 

     This site is the sister site to the "all natural beauty" site, which began on June first of 2003.  Having first-hand experience in the beauty business for over twenty years, Sharon has decided to do her part in telling as many people that she can about the harmful chemicals that are found in most commercially manufactured beauty products.  We're happy to say that the site has been quite successful. 

     We will continue to seek out good people and companies (as we've done with our anb site) that are doing the right things for the right reasons.  You'll find that we've chosen those on this site based on the purity of their products, and the sincerity in their hearts.

     SharAmbrosia is also the manufacturer of all-natural products that we stand behind with pride, please make sure to visit our All Natural Spa Store.  All of our products are 100% natural, and naturally good for you.

     Please visit our Tranquility Garden site as well.  We've put together many interesting ways that you can relax when you need to.  So the next time you need to de-stress, remember the garden of tranquility... TranquilityGarden.net.

     Because Sharon has had such a long and successful career in the beauty business, she's decided to give back what she's learned.  Our BeautyBizDomains.com site is for beauty professionals that want to learn how to promote themselves and their businesses.

     And finally, for everyone else that is looking for the perfect domain name, web site hosting, e-mail service, etc... we are proud to offer our web site called Domains2Good2Last.  This site is like an oasis for those that are looking for great customer support, yet don't want to pay top dollar for internet services.  Our technical staff is very friendly and helpful.  Whether you know a lot about the internet, or you know nothing, we'll be there to help you.

     Thank you for coming to our site today.  We love hearing comments about our site and the field of all-natural health and beauty.  So feel free to e-mail us with your thoughts.  We wish you and your family the very best of health. After all, good health makes for a happier life!


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allnaturalbeauty Domains2Good2Last

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